Thinking before funding

We’re on a journey to achieve our purpose by contributing to the future security and wellbeing of our world. We’re choosing to adopt an “emergent” approach.

What we mean by this is we’re searching for and listening to different people and their understanding of the challenges. We’re looking to test new ideas and ways of working and learn from what works and what doesn’t. It’s a deliberate way of finding our place, and it means we will not be operating an open general fund.

We’re geared up for the long game. What’s important to us is finding sustainable and sensible ways of doing things. And playing our role in the wider community.

This is just the beginning

We are looking to move to new premises in central London, headquarters at the heart of a community where we can stimulate debate and share knowledge between different players, like-minded or otherwise.

Imaginative thinking and a desire to learn by doing guides the way we operate. Before we fund we think. What’s our role? What have we learnt? Or missed? And who are the right partners at this stage of our journey?

If that sounds more entrepreneurial than a traditional foundation, then great. That’s our plan.