Interdependence Festival

Over a two-day festival in November 2019 we invited friends and colleagues to come together to listen, learn, vision and action in “Climate Just” Futures. We centred the solutions and strategies of black, brown, lived-experience leaders, thinkers, innovators, activists, and artists working on Climate Justice from a systemic and frontline positioning. The festival, through a decolonial climate framing, explored the interconnecting issues including the Hostile Environment, Youth Violence, Energy Democracy, Housing, Artwashing and Land Reparations.

Below you will find the programme of speakers with a link to the relevant video

Day 1: 22 November 2019

Session 1 – The Hostile Environment
Session 1.1 Maya Goodfellow
Session 1.2 Luke de Noronha 
Session 1.3 Amina Gichinga 
Session 1.4 Emma Hughes 
Session 1.5 Azeezat Johnson 
Session 1    Panel discussion

Session 2 – Local and International Strategies and Solidarity
Session 2.1 Tessa Khan 
Session 2.2 Nathan Thanki
Session 2.3 Hamza Hamouchene 
Session 2.4 Dee Woods
Session 2    Panel discussion

Session 3 – Resourcing the Transition and Investing in Futures
Session 3.1 Jen Hooke
Session 3.2 Harpreet Kaur Paul 
Session 3.3 Naomi Alexander Naidoo
Session 3    Panel Discussion


Day 2: 23 November 2019

Session 4 – Shifting the Narrative
Session 4.1 Sebastian Ordonez Munoz
Session 4.2 Jane Trowell
Session 4.3 Selina Nwulu
Session 4    Panel Discussion 

Session 5 breakout sessions, which were not filmed

Session 6 – Futures
Session 6.1 Noni Makuyana
Session 6.2 Alexandra Wanjiku Kelbert
Session 6.3 Sakina Sheikh
Session 6    Panel Discussion