Requesting Funding Proposals in Gloucestershire

Thirty Percy is inviting proposals for the first round of funding under our new Gloucestershire place-based initiative. It is hoped that a greater impact can be achieved by concentrating funding, knowledge and expertise in one location.

We spent the best part of nine months visiting Gloucestershire talking to a diverse range of people to gain a better understanding of the local community need, building relationships and, most importantly, understanding how we might help.

To find out more about our scoping exercise please download our ‘What We Have Heard document


Phase one funding:
Thirty Percy will make its first round of strategic grants in September 2020, allocating a total budget of £3m to grants that are between 1-3 years in duration.
Please download the full overview before making your application.

We are inviting proposals for projects that address the following focus areas:

Supporting young people as active citizens

    • Supporting young people who already feel excluded from society and unsafe. The need to consider the wider contexts and environments young people are in and to ensure support services address these.
    • Supporting youth workers and leaders who work with young people to improve their skill sets – particularly around mental health and ongoing life skills.
    • Expanding or creating diverse and varied apprenticeship schemes and follow-on employment pathways for young people
    • Opportunities for young people to create and lead on their own projects
    • Providing safe spaces, both physical and virtual, where young people, can feel supported and treated as individuals:
      • These spaces should provide holistic approaches to the issues young people face.
      • These spaces should be a collaboration between youth service organisations across the county – providing a ‘collective approach’.
      • There may be opportunities for creating one/two central hubs connected to much smaller local hubs and digital infrastructure around the county (a sort of hub-and-spoke model)
      • There is an opportunity for providing a ‘Front Door’ to all services that young people require.

Cultivating Food Security

    • Creating a regional food and farming system that ensures food security, good livelihoods and protects and enhances the environment.
    • Encouraging greater harmony among the food community in Gloucestershire. Is there a collective vision / narrative that can be formed?
    • Supporting the development of community-led agriculture and micro-businesses
    • Connecting local people to where their food comes from, which might include the use of digital technology.
    • Supporting new entrants from under-represented communities (such as young people and people of colour) into the food and farming sector
    • Breaking down barriers to entry and developing models that allow for more equitable access to land and transition-finance.
    • Supporting farmers to improve their messaging and to raise awareness of the impact they have on our food supply and security
    • Providing farmers with access to support and knowledge that will assist them with transitioning. It is important that the advice is tailored and appropriate for the situation of each farmer.



How to submit
Applications can be made in the following ways

Complete the online form

Send a 1-2 page summary or a short video (max 8 minutes) outlining your proposal and anticipated budget to

Deadline for submissions is Friday 31 July

Any questions please email


We haven’t put a minimum or maximum limit in place intentionally. This is because we are aware that this automatically puts boundaries up and shapes the ideas and initiatives that get created. We want to allow the freedom for people to design what they believe is needed (taking into account our 6 core principles) and submit these with a realistic budget.

We have a budget of £3m to award for grants that are between 1-3 years in length. We will leave it up to each applicant to determine how much of this budget to bid for.

No. We are open to any organisation applying, however, you do have to clearly show in your work how you are linking in with other stakeholders and actors in the county and how you are including the voices of local people in the design of your work.

We completely understand the amount of time and work that goes into creating a truly collaborative and co-ordinated plan and would not be expecting large amounts of this work to have already been done prior to the application deadline. We would suggest you look to put in a collective proposal, with the other partner organisations, that has a co-ordinating/joint planning phase built into it.

CICs are eligible to apply, as long as the work we could be potentially supporting is charitable. If successful, we will include a clause in the grant agreement stating that our funds cannot be used as profits or removed from the organisation in dividends.

Please note that it is much easier if CICs are limited by guarantee rather than shares.

Up to 25 years old.